Documentary dance performance



Documentary dance performance “Trajectories of Childhood” is the intention of five Liepāja parents to become their children for the duration of the performance. The parents have literally taken lessons from their offspring so as to understand and express to the viewer’s their interests, fears and worldviews through movement, text and music.

The performance has been created for several months, during which the creative team has spent countless hours with five children aged 6–9. The process was documented and became the narrative basis for Trajectories of Childhood. The children’s parents have accepted the challenge to precisely mimic their children’s actions from documentary videos with understanding and empathy. The children will watch the performance to provide their parents with support and guidance. Mutual trust and interaction between the two generations will expand the performance space for a story presented to the audience to share the results of this exchange.

“Performance consists of a dimension of the joy of life, apparent of lightness under which the existential themes unfold. The ability to talk about complexity and ask awkward questions, while giving spectators a light hope mark a choreographers Kristīne Brīniņa handwriting.” Kitija Balcare, 04.10.2021,



Idea, choreography, directing:  Kristīne Brīniņa

Performance heroes – children: Marta Riekstiņa, Roberts Gods, Hanna Matilde Dintere, Olivers Bilerts, Māra More

Performers – parents: Ilze More, Pēteris Riekstiņš, Roberts Dinters, Liena Goda, Marta Bilerte

Music: Rihards Efeja-Lībietis, performed by: Rihards Efeja-Lībietis and performers

Scenography, costume, video design: Ieva Kauliņa

Drama consultant: Rasa Bugavičute-Pēce

Creative producer: Zane Estere Gruntmane

Producer:  artistic platform “pigeon-bridge” |

Co-producer: Union “Cita Abra” |

Performance duration: 60 minutes

Premier: September 26th, 2021, International art festival ‘’Liepaja Art Forum ’21’’


The performance has been developed in a partnership with the concert hall “Great Amber”, Contemporary art forum “Liepāja Arts Forum 2021” and with a financial support of the Liepāja Culture Department, the State Culture Capital Foundation (SCCF) and Kurzeme planning region target program “Kurzeme Culture Program 2021 supported by Latvian State Forests” and SCCF financial support for culture projects.



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