RIVER (2021)


The documentary performance - walk „River” is a journey through stories about the interaction between people, things and nature, sometimes fragile, unpredictable, bound by longing, trials and discoveries. The performance was inspired by personal stories of the inhabitants of Liepāja and its urban landscapes. The work impulse was caused by the idea of the impossibility of solitude because each of us is in a never-ending relationship with everything that surrounds us; even though we barely notice each other’s presence, we continue the endless flow of these relationships.


Work was nominated for the Latvian Theater Prize “Spelmaņu nakts 2020/2021”.



Idea, director and choreographer: Kristīne Brīniņa

Director and choreographer of separate episodes: Alise Putniņa

Music: Rihards Efeja-Lībietis

Drama consultant: Rasa Bugavičute-Pēce

Performers: Valts Skuja, Kārlis Elvis Artejevs, Kintija Stūre, Madara Viļčuka, Artūrs Irbe, Madara Kalna, Kārlis R. Ērglis, Hugo Puriņš, Agnija Dreimane

Performance duration: 1,30 min

Premier: May 22nd, 2021, Liepāja urban environment.

Performance is in Liepaja Theatre repertoire.

The performance has been developed with the support of the Liepāja City Council, Liepāja Culture Department and State Culture Capital Foundation.



When the theater meets dance. Observations at Valmiera Summer Theater Festival. Dance.lv (2021)

One river in two beds. Review of Liepāja Theater performance River. DIENA (2021)

Please, you be always. Tētra vēstnesis 2021/ IV (144)