Three choreographers met to make a performance together. Here comes a premier after several months hard work and the audience have a possibility to see the performance "HOURS". Performance choreographers continue to talk with each other.

Performance "HOURS" is a reflection of work from three different choreographers, who are brave enough to laugh about themselves and are showing that sometimes absurd creative processes go into the making of "Contemporary dance" performances.

"I wish you all had seen and heard, and felt emotions of choreographer and dance organizer from Ireland Jazmin Choidi while watching "Hours" (choreography and performance: Evita Birule, Eva Krūmiņa, Kristīne Brīniņa). I also almost got till laugh tears. Even if discussing and revealing the funny and confusing sides of the creation process of contemporary dance performance, "Hours" manages to "have layers". It is also a story about general wish to succeed and planning needed for that. It is a story about sweet and evil, supporting and destroying relationship among women. It is a story about caring for you pet, really caring, no matter how hard the pet works. It is a story about fake and real. It is a very fun and emotional time spent together with three interesting personalities. Nice variations of talking for real, talking in a performative way, dancing felt, dancing showed, dancing destroyed through analysis and "made to work" with the same tools." - Inta Balode (dance critic),web journal „DANCE.LV", March 16th, 2013 (http://journal.dance.lv/eng/latvian-dance-in-baltic-bubble-riga/)

Choreographers, performers, set and light: Kristīne Brīniņa, Eva Krūmiņa and Evita Birule
Costumes consultant: ita Rezdiņa
Duration: 1 hour
Premiere date 30th October 2012

Work has been nominated for the annual Latvian Theatre Prize "Spēlmaņu nakts 2012/2013" as a "Contemporary dance achievement of the year".