Interview with Madonna

Idea, choreographer, performer: Kristine Brīniņa
Idea, stage-designer, video artist: Epp Kubu
Idea, composer and live music: Jekabs Nimanis
Duration: 50 min
Production: Zane Estere Gruntmane
Co-producer: STU (EST)
Partner: KOKA RIGA

Premiere: 8th of March, 2014
Location: Wooden houses renovation center "KOKA RIGA"


"Interview with Madonna" is a dance performance, which is based on the interviews with single mothers. It developed ideas about the role of the family and influence of parents on children. Choroegrapher in a poetic way makes dialogue with the spectator, herself and parents. Dialogue sometimes is alternating with the momologue, where questions take the rhetorical form. The performance will balance between documentary and imaginary, fiction harshness and simplicity, holy and ordinary.



Supporters: PXB, PUPU MAISS, cafe TVAIKS, Tritone Studio

Financial support: Culture Capiltal Foundation of Latvia , Culture Capital Foundation of Estonia, Nordic – Baltic Mobility programme, Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Riga City Council.